A402 & E112


  • Compact Design
  • Long life high precision power train
  • 480mm lift
  • Shock Resistant
  • Maximum resistance to bending

Design / Features

The coupling of two sets of landing gear using a connection shaft ensures the even raising and lowering of the semi-trailer.

Drive Settings

High gear allows the support tube to be moved in and out quickly without a load.

Support Feet

Landing gear is available in the A402 model with a range of different feet: T, A and G feet. The E112 model is available in the A and T feet.

Technial Data

Mounting Height (MH) 835mm
Lift 480mm
Lifting capacity 24t
Static load 50t
Lift per turn of the crank  
- low gear 1.0mm
- high gear 10.6mm
crank force at 16t load 230 N

Although several models are available, including an aluminium version, the two models predominantly sold in South Africa are the A402 and the E112 telescopic trailer supports.

The integrated gearbox on these models has optimum protection, and requires minimum force to be applied on the crank handle in both directions. These telescopic trailer supports do not have a neutral position on the gearbox.


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