Design / Features

There are two linkage system sizes available.

  • The SA165-1-650 cylinder with the SL168-147-60 linkage is suitable for six to eight cubic meter bodies up to 4m in length excluding rear overhang.
  • The SA213-1-650 cylinder with the SL213-80 linkage is suitable for ten to twelve cubic meter bodies up to 5m in length excluding rear overhang.

The Scissor Linkage system is a compound leverage tipping system for rigid tipper trucks. The operating principle of the system is that the hydraulic cylinder applies a force in the centre of a lever system which pivots about a transverse shaft in the sub-frame of the tipper. This linkage in turn lifts the tipping bucket with two lifting arms, one on either side under the bucket. The advantage of this tipping system is that the oil volume used is lower than with a telescopic system, while results in a faster tipping time. The linkage mechanism also imparts a stabilizing effect on the tipping body. There is however have a considerably weight penalty when compared to a telescopic tipping cylinder which can lift the same load, and the structure under the tipping body requires reinforcement.


10m³ Linkage System 06/2013
6m³ Linkage System 06/2013