Design / Features

Before mounting the tank, check carefully whether all openings and connections are free of packaging tape, dirt or particles etc.

  • Drill the top hole in the chassis as high as possible.
  • Drill a third hole in the support and chassis at least 150 mm underneath the upper hole.
  • Fix each tank support with 2 x M14 8.8 bolts and M14 washers.
  • Place the tank on top of the supports. Secure the straps to the top of the supports using the pins rings provided in the tank mounting kit. Make sure that the bended back-end of the strap (with 5 point welds) is facing upwards. See drawing detail.
  • Bend the straps around the shape of the tank without the strap rubber in place.
  • Place the strap rubber under the straps and mount the straps at the bottom of the support using the washers and nuts.
  • Torque the straps to 20Nm by turning the bolts.
  • Check the bolts for torque after 1000 km.

Hydraulic Oil Tanks

We supply several types of oil tanks for different mounting positions (behind the cabin, on the side of the chassis, mounted on cradle or mounted on top). All tanks can be equipped with a complete mounting set, return filter and valve mounting block.


135-613 Alu Tanks 06/2013
135-710 Side Mounting Alu Tanks 06/2013
Oil Tank Kit 34L 06/2013
Oil Tank Kit 44L 06/2013